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Linear Risks Guide

Our research shows that organisations in every sector face a variety of risks associated with ‘business as usual’ (the ‘linear’ economy).

We’ve created a 23-page Linear Risks Guide for clients who book our Kickstart and Kickstart+ coaching programmes, and thought it would be useful to make the highlights available to everyone.

We’ve focused on the risks related to our modern, ‘linear economy’, in which we take materials, make a product, use it and then discard it. We look at risks related to the markets you operate in, your business model and competitor pressures, your production and supply chain operations, and regulatory and legal factors.

We’ve mapped those risks along the value chain, using PESTLE analysis (political, economic, social and technological, legal and environmental) as a structure.

Want to find out more about where your business might be vulnerable? Use this link to download the free 7-page Linear Risk Matrix mini-guide. To get the full 23-page Linear Risks Guide for free, please click the button below,  sign up to our email database and we’ll email the Guide to your inbox. (See below for a list of updated references)

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Revised links in the PDF

  • Link in the Risk Matrix – WHO – 10 chemicals of public health concern – revised 14 June 2021