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Lead with circular

Circular approaches are better for people, planet and profit

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Unpick 'business as usual'


Understand circular approaches


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the world is changing - fast


People expect businesses to do the right thing. 

The circular economy is much more than recycling.

Join the circular revolution

Kickstart sustainable value for your organisation with a circular economy event

Convert waste into value

Unlock opportunities to turn costs into revenue and keep resources in circulation

Avoid linear risks

Get clear on how business as usual exposes reputation, resource and linear risks​

Strengthen relationships

Engage your customers, suppliers and employees with future-fit, circular approaches​

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We bring the circular economy to life

Talks, webinars and workshops


  • What circular means for strategies, materials, products and supply chains
  • Why it’s urgent – global trends and risks
  • Get clear on circular opportunities for people, planet and profit


  • Get to grips with circular economy concepts and practicalities
  • Understand why circular is better for everyone
  • Inspire your group to take action and be part of the solution


  • Spark ideas to make your business more circular, profitable and resilient
  • Engage your team around a purpose
  • Tailored: from your starting point & supporting your goals

We talk your language and understand your challenges

Practical * Engaging * Inspiring * Actionable *

These words appear regularly in feedback for our talks, webinars and workshops.

Catherine Weetman Circular Economy talks, workshops and coaching

Catherine Weetman

Catherine works with entrepreneurs and business leaders, helping them rethink their businesses for a circular, regenerative and fair economy. Experienced in food, fashion and supply chains, she is fascinated by the 'sweet spot' where strategy, supply chain and sustainability come together.

"a totally compelling talk which gripped all in the room, young and not so young."
Paul Ingram
Organizer, RSA Democracy in Schools

Tailored to your audience

We chooose circular economy stories to inspire your group

Our clients include: entrepreneurs, small business communities, business leaders, trade and investor groups, public sector, creative communities, community groups, schools, universities and academics


You might be new to the circular economy or aiming for circular, sustainable approaches for your organisation

Popular themes include:

  • What is the circular economy? (without the jargon!)
  • How is it taking shape across industry?
  • Why it is top of the agenda for leading businesses
  • Climate impacts of the ‘take, make, waste’ economy
  • How is the circular economy better?
  • How do we make the right choices?
  • How procurement can lead the circular transition
  • Engaging suppliers and collaborative opportunities
  • How do I create circular value for my business?
  • Resilient, sustainable, clean communities
  • Creating social value and local jobs
  • How it helps your zero-carbon, sustainability and regeneration aims
  • Our audiences say:

    • We need to save money
    • Our customers expect us to do more
    • We’re not sure what risks we face
    • We’re not sure where to start 
    • Our people want us to lead on this
    • We need a quick way to get up to speed
    • We don’t want to ‘greenwash’
    • We get overwhelmed by all the jargon
    • We’re worried about the future

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