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A Circular Economy Handbook

How to Build a More Resilient, Competitive and Sustainable Business

“This is a book for everyone in business, or who wants to shape the future of business. The circular economy is the best toolkit we have for future sustainable business and this book leads you through what it is and why so many businesses and governments are getting on board.”

Tom Szaky, Founder & CEO, TerraCycle

WINNER – The Committee Special Prize, Les Plumes des Achats & Supply Chain

Discover how the circular economy is better for people, planet and prosperity… award-winning author Catherine Weetman guides you through the what, why and how of the circular economy.

Helping you get to grips with the theory and fast-developing practices, she explains why it’s better for our planet and society, and how businesses old and new are using it to be more competitive, resilient and sustainable.

Easily digestible and comprehensive, A Circular Economy Handbook builds on the key schools of thought and latest research, with over 300 examples from organisations of all shapes and sizes around the world.

The extensively updated second edition builds on the latest research on circular business models, plus a new chapter on packaging and an expanded Glossary, helping you get to grips with the terminology of sustainability and circularity.

How to buy

A Circular Economy Handbook is available worldwide, in paperback (492 pages), e-book or Kindle, from your local bookstore or online booksellers.

Get 20% when you buy direct from the publisher Kogan Page, using the discount code CIRCL20. Kogan Page ships worldwide (free shipping to UK and US) and also offers an e-book/paperback bundle – two for the price of one!

Praise for A Circular Economy Handbook

More about A Circular Economy Handbook...

As we discover more about the climate and biodiversity crisis, it is clear that how we make and consume things is a major part of the problem. Extraction and processing of materials, fuels and food makes up about half of global greenhouse gas emissions and over 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress. In other words, nearly every modern business is depleting resources, destroying ecosystems and dumping waste and pollution at every stage – harming human health along the way.

We’re reaching critical tipping points: it feels like sustainability and profitable business are incompatible, and yet we must provide good standards of living for all, without trashing our home planet…

The circular economy offers a way to unlock this: helping businesses rethink product design, material choices, business models and supply chains, so they can provide engaging, affordable products and services AND reduce their resource consumption and environmental footprints.

Catherine’s Circular Economy Framework 2.0 highlights where to intervene, and what to change so we can create more, from less. Get inspired by hundreds of examples from disruptors and established businesses, from every sector around the world. 

Catherine answers your big questions… How does it really work for business? What are the key issues with ‘business as usual’? What are the emerging trends and circular approaches for food, fashion, consumer technology, packaging and other sectors? How do these reduce risk, improve resilience and build profitable, future-fit organizations?

A Circular Economy Handbook is a must-read for anyone who wants to get to grips with the circular economy, today.

A Circular Economy Handbook guides you through the concepts and the practicalities

Catherine Weetman helps you get clear on the issues and evolving solutions for a range of sectors, highlighting why we need system-scale change (not just ‘circular materials’).

Overview of the structure for A Circular Economy Handbook

More about Catherine Weetman

Catherine Weetman with A Circular Economy Handbook 2022

“A clear and comprehensive ‘must-read’ for any seasoned or aspiring circular economy or supply chain professional.”

Catherine Weetman helps business leaders, entrepreneurs and community groups use circular and regenerative approaches to help their organisations to thrive. For businesses, that means creating, capturing and circulating more value for everyone:  opening up new markets and profit streams, reducing risk, improving sustainability and resilience.

An international speaker, author and business advisor, Catherine also hosts the popular Circular Economy Podcast, with listeners in over 150 countries.

A long career with great companies like Tesco, Kellogg’s and DHL Supply Chain gave her an inside track on the complex and interconnected challenges of manufacturing and retail, as she developed solutions to overcome the ‘pull of the status quo’.

Catherine’s wide-ranging experience, systems-thinking perspective, and willingness to challenge business-as-usual, together with a deep understanding of circular and regenerative practices across industry sectors, means she’s uniquely qualified to help you succeed with circular.

Could you use some advice or feedback on your circular economy ideas or strategies? How about a keynote talk to spark ideas, or an interactive workshop for your team? Get in touch to discuss how Catherine can help you succeed with circular