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Our industrial models are not fit for purpose.

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Catherine Weetman Circular Economy author and coach
Catherine Weetman
Peter Desmond Circular Economy Strategic Advisor
Peter Desmond

We use our industry experience and in-depth circular economy knowledge to help make it work for you – taking it from ideas to action.

We ask the dificult questions to help uncover the issues and opportunities.

We help you rethink your organisation’s ‘ecosystem’, so you can convert waste into value.

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, across a wide range of sectors.

We are experienced at managing projects and risks, setting clear objectives and measuring progress.

We are pragmatic and practical, using simple frameworks and logical models to make complex  concepts easy to grasp and use.

Our aim is to guide and support you, by sharing our knowledge and helping you identify the best opportunities.

We try to keep things simple (but not over-simplified) by avoiding jargon and “consultant-speak”

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every sector, around the world, are using circular approaches to make a better business


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“we learned this from the consumer internet world: by the time it’s obvious, it’s too late… you’ve got to realize we’re in the first two minutes of a soccer match;  by halftime, it’s too late.”

Bill Ruh, Chief Executive Officer, GE Digital, USA

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