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helping you imagine how to do better, with less impact

...circular economy strategies are better for people, planet AND profit...

Shrink your footprint

Engage customers

Create new value

be future-fit. Go circular.

is your organisation fit for the future?

The world is changing... fast

A fragile planet.

Finite and depleted resources.

People, everywhere, under pressure.

be part of the solution

Join the circular revolution

Get your business in shape for the future with circular, sustainable approaches

Shrink your footprint

Rethink business models and processes to reduce carbon and other impacts

Engage customers

Keep your customers for life with sustainable, high-quality, affordable services

Create value

Develop new offers and develop new markets to diversify revenue streams

decades of business experience

A catalyst for circular change...

Catherine Weetman Circular Economy talks, workshops and coaching

Award-winning author, keynote speaker and circular economy strategic advisor, Catherine Weetman is fascinated by the ‘sweet spot’ where strategy, stakeholder value and sustainability come together.

Catherine hosts the popular Circular Economy Podcast, with listeners in over 150 countries.

Talks and workshops

How circular strategies help you create deeper value for all your stakeholders

Award-winning book

A Circular Economy Handbook: how to build a more resilient, competitive and sustainable business


Insights from the inspiring people who are making the circular economy happen

Join the circular revolution

Be part of the solution

“Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” 

Seth Godin

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