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circular economy coaching & advice

Build back better with a circular business model

Identify opportunities

Engage your team

Future-proof your business

be part of the solution


Customers are demanding:




As we face the challenges of economic, ecological and health crisis, people are changing how they live, work and spend their money.

Profits are under pressure.

Forward-thinking companies see circularity as a key solution.

be part of the solution

Build back better with a circular business model

Gain clarity

Understand the concepts and practicalities for your business

Be confident

Build a robust business case for future-fit finances

Tell the story

Engage your customers, suppliers and employees with sustainable circular solutions

Prioritise & plan

Get clear on short-term wins and longer-term strategic direction

a range of packages to suit your needs

Circular coaching packages

Sounding Board

We are your 'critical friend', reviewing and supporting your first (or next) step towards circular success

  • Single session
  • Follow-up action plan


We help you find opportunities and overcome barriers to kickstart your circular economy journey

  • 4 sessions over ~6 weeks
  • Follow-up action plan
  • Circular maturity checklist

Kickstart Plus

Clarify the opportunities, work through your challenges, get feedback on your circular plans

  • 7 sessions over ~3 months
  • Follow-up action plan
  • Circular maturity checklist

We care about your sustainable success

We’re practical, pragmatic and positive

We keep it simple, but don’t oversimplify

We know change is complex and challenging

get started with circular coaching

How it works

Arrange a call

Book a free chat to get to know each other and see if this is right for you

Choose a package

Select the coaching package to support your circular aims

Succeed with circular

We help you get clear on your ideas & turn linear challenges into circular success

wide-ranging business experience

Our circular economy coaches

Catherine Weetman Circular Economy talks, workshops and coaching

Catherine Weetman

Catherine works with entrepreneurs and business leaders, helping them rethink their businesses for a circular, regenerative and fair economy. A trained Industrial Engineer with wide-ranging experience in food, fashion and supply chains, she is fascinated by the 'sweet spot' where strategy, supply chain and sustainability come together.

Peter Desmond Circular Economy Coach

Peter Desmond

Peter is a circular economy coach, workshop facilitator and strategic advisor. He helps businesses find circular opportunities, create a compelling business case, and broaden their networks. Peter is keen to work with SME’s and start-ups, helping them use the circular economy to succeed and prosper.


Work with us

As we face the challenges of economic, climate, ecological and health crises, business as usual is over. People everywhere are changing how they live, work and spend their money. Our circular coaching support helps you build a better business or social enterprise.

…our support comes from experience at senior levels in manufacturing, retail, finance, commercial, project management and supply chains in B2B and B2C

…our career and client projects include food & drinks, fashion, consumer electronics, FMCG, retail and e-commerce

…including startups, community groups, social enterprises, family businesses, micro and small businesses, international corporates and non-government organizations

…you might be new to sustainability or the circular economy, or looking to embed circular, sustainable approaches in your organisation.  Our circular coaching clients often start with these aims:
  • Get clear on circular opportunities and risks for my organization
  • Prioritise quick wins and longer-term plans
  • Build a robust business case for change
  • Think through the implications for sales, finance, and the supply chain
  • Our research shows that organisations in every sector face a variety of risks associated with ‘business as usual’ (the ‘linear’ economy).

    We’ve created a 23-page Linear Risks Guide for clients who book our Kickstart and Kickstart+ coaching programmes.

    We’ve had great feedback, so now we’re making the highlights available to everyone.

    Read more about our Linear Risks Guide here…