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The best way to support the SDGs? Go circular!

If you’re familiar with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), you’ll know they create a ‘shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.’ They are ‘an urgent call for action by all countries – in a global partnership.’
The 17 goals tackle the critical global issues facing all of us. They aim to end poverty and deprivation, underpinning this with ‘strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.’
We show how the circular economy is a great way to strengthen your business and make a significant impact on the SDGs.

Circular Economy Podcast Episode 35 Sophie Segal - the power of play

Episode 35 Sophie Segal – the power of play

We talk to Sophie Segal, founder of the Reading chapter of the CEC, in the south of England. Sophie uses games to engage people in sustainability and encourage us to think differently, to think about the system that we’re all part of.
Sophie wears a few hats, including with Co-CREATE ImpACT – providing innovative social impact training, and Together Dragonflies – Using value creation and innovation to shape new customer experiences.
She helps organisations with their purpose, to design value propositions and customer experiences that resonate. She is also bringing people together in her community to amplify local circular initiatives.
Sophie loves the idea for rethinking existing business models and engagement for the good of tomorrow. Sophie uses value creation, innovation and different approaches to shift mindsets.
In her latest ventures, she uses the transformative power of play with organisations: to bring to life customer focus and engage employees in sustainability and the circular economy.

What I learnt from Al Gore about Circularity

The circular economy is an essential tool in mitigating the negative impacts of the climate and ecological crisis. We in the Global North need to do more than anyone, given that we created the problem in the first place. By taking on board the principles of a circular economy, engage in conversation with those around us, lobby people in power and take circular actions in our businesses and homes. This will mean we can move away from our current linear economy as well as reducing carbon emissions which will improve prosperity, enhance the reputation of business, and create healthier lifestyles to the benefit of ourselves and our planet.

WCEF2019 Climate Students by Joanna Bingham

WCEF 2019 – reflections

Back from Helsinki, Peter shares his thoughts on the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF 2019). There were plenty of links to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and lots of discussion (though no solutions) to the challenge of measuring circularity. Peter includes some circular economy examples from Europe and Africa, and tells us about the highlights of session focussed on bioeconomy solutions for plastics.

Peter Desmond discusses circular economy on Old Fox Young Fox podcast

Circular economy conversation on Old Fox Young Fox

Peter was invited to join the conversation on Episode 12 of the Old Fox, Young Fox long-form podcast. The wide-ranging discussion covered the circular economy, Peter’s work supporting circular progress in Brighton and Africa, economics, politics, The Blue Economy and much more.

UNOPS special issue

Rethinking procurement for a circular economy

Catherine’s article for a new UN publication examines the vital role procurement plays in driving sustainable development – both for today’s generation and the ones to follow.  Read the full article in the Rethink Global blog. Here is an overview of the magazine… Procurement: Why new thinking is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals… Read More »Rethinking procurement for a circular economy