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Circular economy conversation on Old Fox Young Fox

Peter Desmond discusses circular economy on Old Fox Young Fox podcast

Peter was invited to join the conversation on Episode 12 of the Old Fox, Young Fox long-form podcast.  The wide-ranging discussion covered the circular economy, Peter’s work supporting circular progress in Brighton and Africa, economics, politics, Gunter Pauli’s Blue Economy and much more.

The Circular Economy and the Global South‘, published by Routledge, draws on case studies from Kenya and South Africa to explore how the circular economy can contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Find out more about the book, and Peter’s chapter here.

Peter’s blog post in 2018 explains more about the circular economy in Africa, and you can read his research project on Recycling Mobile Phones in Africa. To learn more about the circular economy and how it builds a better world, why not read our article: What is the Circular Economy.

Rethink Global’s Circular Economy Podcast features interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs and other people using the circular economy to strengthen their businesses.

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