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Webinar for Economia Circular Brasil

Thanks to Exchange 4 Change Brasil and Economia Circular Brasil for inviting Catherine to present at their knowledge sharing webinar on 13 May 2020.

Catherine’s presentation starts at 45:50 minutes into the webinar, and concludes at 2:04:30.

The circular economy is the #1 tool for profitable, resilient and sustainable businesses – in this webinar, Catherine Weetman explains the benefits for business, and discusses the barriers: why aren’t we all doing this, now?

Part one

  • What’s wrong with business as usual?
  • A quick introduction to the circular economy
  • Circular economy strategies – what can we do, and why is it better?
  • Who is already going circular? A range of examples, from different industry sectors
  • Q&A on the circular economy and business benefits

Part two

  • Why aren’t we doing this already? Barriers and how to overcome them.
  • Q&A on barriers

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