Powering Progress Together, Shell London, 2018

Catherine spoke about Low Carbon City Logistics at Shell Powering Progress Together in London on July 5 2018, a day of discussions focusing on “Exploring Future Mobility: Visions of Transport for 2040”. Watch the short summary video below…

Can all transport be electrified? How will autonomous vehicles change the way we travel? Are we about to stop buying cars in favour of ride sharing and taxi-hailing services?

These were some of the questions addressed at Shell’s Powering Progress Together (PPT), an event in London exploring the future of transport, attended by business leaders, policymakers and academics.

Nearly a year ago, the UK government signalled a commitment to stop sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. Today in the UK there are around 45,000 pure-electric cars on the road out of a total fleet of around 31 million.

Achieving the UK’s government’s 2040 ambition is likely to radically reshape the UK’s cities and public transport systems. It would also require a shift in attitude towards car ownership and usage.

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