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Ep 32 Christian van Maaren of Excess Materials Exchange

Episode 32- Christian van Maaren of Excess Materials Exchange

Christian van Maaren is co-founder of Excess Materials Exchange, based in the Netherlands. Excess Materials Exchange is saving the planet by running a dating site, which at first sounds improbable, and then sounds intriguing!
Christian believes the circular economy is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to achieve the Paris climate goals, and we hear how Excess Materials Exchange helps customers measure the value of their exchange options, in financial, environmental and social impacts.
Christian tells us about the kinds of companies and materials they match up, using a combination of blockchain and AI, and how they actively match supply & demand for materials to ensure high value re-use.

Linear economy supply chain risk

Supply chain risk

The coronavirus is already highlighting supply chain risk and creating major headaches for many businesses. How can you protect your business in the face of the next mega-disruption, whether driven by extreme weather, disasters, or even geo-politics? We explore how those businesses working towards a circular economy are mitigating these potentially fatal flaws. They aim to recover their own resources, to prioritise local supply and decentralised production, and to slow down consumption instead.

7 circular economy benefits for business

The circular economy has widespread benefits for society, our planet, AND for business. Whereas most reports tend to focus on macro-economic and sector level benefits, this blog outlines 7 types of circular economy benefits for businesses: Resource security, Regeneration, Risk reduction, Revenue and profit, Relationships, Reputation and Resilience.

circular economy - a key tool in your procurement toolbox

The circular economy: a key tool in your procurement toolbox

Article by Catherine, published in Intelligent Sourcing magazine, August 2017 In the endless quest to deliver value, innovative procurement teams are taking a different perspective.  Systems thinking approaches are helping to ‘close the loop’ on resources and waste:  reducing business risk, increasing resilience and creating long-term strategic benefits.  Discussing the circular economy with procurement teams… Read More »The circular economy: a key tool in your procurement toolbox

UNOPS special issue

Rethinking procurement for a circular economy

Catherine’s article for a new UN publication examines the vital role procurement plays in driving sustainable development – both for today’s generation and the ones to follow.  Read the full article in the Rethink Global blog. Here is an overview of the magazine… Procurement: Why new thinking is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals… Read More »Rethinking procurement for a circular economy

Getting started with the circular economy = #1 the Office

Start your circular economy journey: #1 The Office

Ready to take the first steps towards ‘closing the loop’ on your products and materials?  Are you finding it difficult to spark interest with your colleagues? Or everyone is keen, but you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you have to reconfigure the office to make it Covid-secure? Why not start with easy-to-do, low risk changes – starting with office consumables and equipment.