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Circular Economy Podcast BONUS - India Hamilton - SCOOP - part 2

Bonus – BONUS India Hamilton – SCOOP  – part two

BONUS Ep85 part 2 – India Hamilton shares more about circular economy food coop SCOOP, Permaculture, membership models, and why she loves compliance officers. We also discuss the importance of supporting your local food economy, and how monopolies and exploitative capitalism are underming this.

Circular Economy Podcast Episode 85 - India Hamilton - SCOOP

85 India Hamilton – SCOOP – transforming local food systems

India Hamilton, cofounder of circular economy food cooperative SCOOP explains the challenges of providing healthy, affordable and local food on a small island. We hear about the founding principles behind SCOOP and it’s ‘why’. India explains how SCOOP goes beyond the provision of local, healthy and sustainable food and is embedding circular solutions across the business. We find out how it survived during lockdown, and discuss India’s counter-intuitive conclusions about the real meaning of convenience