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articles including information about 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and how they can be enablers for the circular economy

David Bassetti 3D Seed Circular Economy Podcast

Episode 12 – David Bassetti of 3D Seed

David Bassetti is co-founder of 3D Seed. When David moved to Spain around 10 years ago, he noticed how much plastic was being wasted, and was frustrated that it became litter, instead of being recycled into new materials.
David developed a simple way of grinding up plastic to recycle it into a feedstock for 3D Printing. 3D Seed sets up small-scale projects to grind up everyday plastic waste, such as PET soft-drinks and water bottles, and then to 3D Print it into small objects, as a way to engage people in seeing waste plastic as a valuable resource. The kit uses very little energy and can run on solar power.

Digital disruption: how 3D Printing is re-making supply chains

Catherine’s article for SHD Logistics Magazine, June 2017 Digital disruption: how 3D Printing is re-making supply chains 3D Printing (3DP) is already transforming logistics.  UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT – and Amazon – are innovating, investing and building new partnerships to embed 3DP or Additive Manufacturing (ADM) into their services. DHL’s 2016 Logistics Trend Radar sees… Read More »Digital disruption: how 3D Printing is re-making supply chains

Circular economy can make America great again

“Making America Great Again”: 3 ways the circular economy can help newly elected President Trump (and you!)

The United States, along with the rest of the ‘post-industrial’ world, faces complex issues: manufacturing jobs lost, real wages down, dependence on fossil fuels and imported goods.
Instead of making ‘sweeping statements’, newly elected President Trump could ‘sweep up’ waste to make new products, and grow remanufacturing (already worth US $45 billion each year).
The circular economy can help the US – and your business – thrive.