WCEF2019 Climate Students by Joanna Bingham

WCEF 2019 – reflections

Back from Helsinki, Peter shares his thoughts on the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF 2019). There were plenty of links to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and lots of discussion (though no solutions) to the challenge of measuring circularity. Peter includes some circular economy examples from Europe and Africa, and tells us about the highlights of session focussed on bioeconomy solutions for plastics.

Peter Desmond discusses circular economy on Old Fox Young Fox podcast

Circular economy conversation on Old Fox Young Fox

Peter was invited to join the conversation on Episode 12 of the Old Fox, Young Fox long-form podcast. The wide-ranging discussion covered the circular economy, Peter’s work supporting circular progress in Brighton and Africa, economics, politics, The Blue Economy and much more.

Circular economy examples in Africa

Circular economy in Africa – an opportunity to leapfrog?

Could Africa use ‘lessons learned’ from industrialised economies to create a sustainable, equitable and prosperous society? The world is becoming more aware that a culture of ever-increasing consumption and ‘take, make, dispose’ creates pressure on resources, land and water, leading to ever-more pollution and waste, impacting on the health of humans and the living systems we depend on. Could the circular economy be the critical link in avoiding ecosystem degradation, expensive or scarce resources and unethical, unsafe employment practices?