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Here are long and short versions of Catherine’s bio, a high-res headshot, high-res image of Catherine’s Circular Economy Handbook and links to the book on the publisher’s website…

Short bio ~130 words

Catherine Weetman FRSA FIEMA

Circular Economy Advisor | Author | Speaker

Catherine Weetman helps business leaders, entrepreneurs and community groups use circular and regenerative approaches to help their organisations thrive. For businesses, that means creating, capturing and circulating more value for everyone:  opening up new markets and profit streams, reducing risk, improving sustainability and resilience.

Catherine’s award-winning A Circular Economy Handbook, published by Kogan Page, is now in its 2nd edition, and she hosts the popular Circular Economy Podcast, with listeners in over 150 countries.

A long career with multinational companies like Tesco, Kellogg’s and DHL Supply Chain gave her an inside track on the complex and interconnected challenges of manufacturing, retail and supply chains, encouraging her to develop solutions to overcome the ‘pull of the status quo’.

Catherine’s wide-ranging experience, systems-thinking perspective, and willingness to challenge business-as-usual, together with a deep understanding of circular and regenerative practices across industry sectors, means she’s uniquely qualified to help you succeed with circular.

Catherine Weetman - Rethink Global

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Longer bio ~ 475 words:

International speaker, author and business advisor Catherine Weetman’s award-winning A Circular Economy Handbook is published by Kogan Page, and she hosts the popular Circular Economy Podcast, with listeners in over 150 countries.

Catherine helps people explore how to use circular and regenerative practices to make a step change in their businesses: inspiring and engaging customers and employees, creating new markets and services, and improving prosperity. Researching hundreds of examples for her book, and interviewing dozens of businesses for the podcast means Catherine has a wealth of knowledge.

A Circular Economy Handbook: How to Build a More Resilient, Competitive and Sustainable Business explains the what, why and how of the circular economy. Building on the work of leading thinkers, her Circular Economy Framework 2.0 covers business models, product design, materials and more. In the 2nd edition, Catherine shares more stories of businesses thriving by going circular, creating new value while reducing carbon and environmental footprints, improving resilience and minimising business risks.

Catherine is a member of the Strategic Foresight Board for the Circular Economy Alliance, a member of the Circular Economy Steering Group for IEMA (the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment), and gives webinars for the popular Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda course offered by the United Nations College.  She supports the global non-profit Circular Economy Club as a mentor and group lead for the Tees Valley, in the UK.

In demand as an international speaker and workshop facilitator, Catherine gives talks to a wide variety of clients including Harvard University Extension School, UK Defence, the United Nations Association, and she supplies expert insight on programmes like BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line.

After several decades of helping multinational companies improve their efficiency and effectiveness, Catherine changed direction in 2013 to focus on the circular economy and sustainable practices. She set up Rethink Global to help businesses, community groups and changemakers understand how a circular, regenerative, and fair economy is better for people, planet AND prosperity, so they can take steps towards solutions that help them thrive while shrinking their footprints.

Catherine began her career in garment manufacturing, qualifying as an Industrial Engineer before moving onto supply chain solution design, project and risk management, business intelligence and consulting, including senior roles with Tesco, Kellogg’s and DHL Supply Chain. In 2010, keen to help businesses find a future-fit and profitable approach to climate, resources and ecosystem restoration, she began to focus on sustainability and the circular economy.

She is a Fellow of the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment, the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), and has a Master’s degree from Cranfield University. Catherine’s awards include the Director’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement at Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Transportation, Dissertation of the Year from the CILT, and the British Clothing Industries Association Business Fellowship Award.

A Circular Economy Handbook:

A Circular Economy Handbook: How to Build a More Resilient, Competitive and Sustainable Business by Catherine Weetman, explains the what, why and how of the circular economy.

The new (2020) edition includes extensive updates, builds on the latest research on circular business models, has a new chapter on packaging and over 300 real examples from businesses large and small, in every sector, around the world.

You can save 20% when you buy the book from publisher Kogan Page (shipping worldwide, free to UK and US) by using code CIRCL20 at the checkout:

The book has earned praise from circular economy experts from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Technical University of Delft, UNIDO, the Circular Economy Club and many more, and is described as a “must-read for businesses, students and policymakers.” Available in print and e-book/Kindle versions, at all good booksellers.

“This is a book for everyone in business, or who wants to shape the future of business. The circular economy is the best toolkit we have for future sustainable business and this book leads you through what it is and why so many businesses and governments are getting on board.” Tom Szaky, Founder & CEO, TerraCycle

A Circular Economy Handbook by Catherine Weetman

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Catherine Weetman 2022
Catherine Weetman with A Circular Economy Handbook 2022