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June 2019

Catherine will be presenting at the CILT Centenary Conference, 16 June, in Manchester…

The circular economy – reinventing business and supply chains

We need to redesign our “waste economy”.


CILT Centenary Conference 2019

 We extract around 90 billion tons of natural resources, every year, to make what we consume. That’s more than 12 tons for every person on the planet. Based on current trends, that number is expected to double by 2050[1].

We’ve created systems that are shockingly wasteful.  We recover less than 10 per cent of our resources to make them into new products[2].   Now, disruptive, circular innovations are changing that, by creating stronger, more resilient, sustainable systems.  It means rethinking the way we make, use and reuse everything.

Is your business ready to go circular?

[1] UNEP International Resource Panel Link